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Corbyn’s foreign policy would make both Britain and the world safer: let’s rally behind his vision

Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents never cease to attack his unorthodox foreign policy stance.  This has ranged from recently being called “irresponsible” and a “threat to our national security” by defence secretary Michael Fallon, to former Prime Minister David Cameron pettily labelling Corbyn a ‘terrorist sympathiser’. Let’s not forget the contribution that the pro-Tory media outlets have … Continue reading

How a new (and perhaps the last) Israel-Hezbollah war will breakout

Israel and Hezbollah relations are beyond repair. It is inevitable that a conflict between the two will emerge. Neither side could claim victory in the inconclusive war of 2006, despite both professing themselves as the winner. Tensions have remained at boiling point since, and neither have been shy about directing threats at each other. Naftali Bennett … Continue reading

Why Syria is Iraq once again

The Syrian war propaganda clearly justifies US intervention. Sound familiar? No doubt you have all heard about the alleged gas attack by the Assad regime in Idlib. While hundreds of Syrians were directly suffering, people pinned the blame on different actors in the region: some have obviously blamed Assad, including the Western media; others say it is a ‘false … Continue reading

A step into Qatar: Peace, Prosperity and Inequality

An evening at the ‘Souq Waqif’ in Doha. “Here, it is very peaceful” A Qatari immigrant from Bangladesh tells me. “The government looks after its people, there is very little crime, and there is much order in society.” I arrived in Qatar in almost unbearable heat– peaking at 50 degrees. Even many locals found it … Continue reading

For peace in Syria, one has to look further than Assad’s future

The world has its eyes firmly set on the Syrian Civil War; a future settlement for the region is far from established. The dispute from world powers over Assad’s future is largely the cause of this indecision; the US and NATO want him gone, while Russia and China want him to stay. The longer it … Continue reading

Has Erdogan reinvented himself?

  Many nations are guilty of aggravating tensions in the Middle East, but of all of them, Turkey has posed a great threat in increasing the chaos. After seizing power in 2003, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan began steering Turkey away from secularism, and in the direction of authoritarian Islamism. Naturally this evolved into a more … Continue reading

The Genocide of Iraq’s Yazidis, and how it can be solved

“ISIS have subjected every Yazidi Woman, man or child that it has captured to the most horrific atrocities” stated a reporter to the UN, elucidating the genocide that Yazidis face in Iraq. He continued: “ISIS permanently sought to enslave the Yazidis through killing, enslavement, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, and forcible transfer causing serious bodily and mental … Continue reading

Russia and the US must be united over destroying ISIS

ISIS is crumbling in both Iraq and Syria. But now, international unity between intervening powers is more vital than ever. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) grasp on the Middle East is faltering. Bursting onto the scene in 2014, and creating ripples of fear across the world, it seemed invincible. Its power finally … Continue reading

A plague is afflicting Pakistan – its abuses on Women

Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology has sparked an outrage, after permitting husbands to ‘lightly hit’ their wives. This barely scratches the surface of abuses within Pakistan however. The world has seen remarkable transformations to women’s rights in many regions, particularly in the West. In other parts, this is simply not the case. In fact, many … Continue reading

Geneva Peace Talks – Over a Highly Complicated Situation

The ongoing peace-talks over the conflict in Syria were already shown to have their limits, as an ISIS-linked attack struck terror into the heart of the city of Damascus on Sunday, targeting a holy shrine for Shiite Muslims. Around 60 civilians were killed; including around 20 Shia militia fighters. Dozens were injured too. The shrine itself remained … Continue reading