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Despite positive reforms in Tunisia, more democratic changes are needed

Tunisia is once again lauded for its progress in human rights. President Beji Caid Essebsi last week scrapped a 44-year-old bill prohibiting marriage between Muslim women and non-Muslim men. Despite such a progressive move, many in Tunisia still feel that their country faces issues that threaten democracy and equality in their country. Tunisia is often … Continue reading

Yemen’s deadly cholera crisis now largest recorded and fastest growing

Yemen’s cholera crisis has now broken the record number of cases known in a single outbreak in recent history, and looks set to infect more than a million people by Christmas – including more than 600,000 children – Save the Children reported on Wednesday. The country has been hit by an epidemic of the disease, with the … Continue reading

Britain’s foreign policy threatens its national security. It’s time to reform it

“Blowback”. A term used to describe the costs and consequences of a government’s actions. A term that perfectly illustrates Britain’s harmful role on the world stage – particularly in the arms industry, and how this in turn endangers the nation. Many observers have depicted Britain’s foreign policy as promoting justice worldwide. Robin Cook, foreign secretary … Continue reading

Gaza: Over 1 million children in ‘unlivable’ circumstances

Over a million children in Gaza are living in impoverished circumstances due to electricity shortages, causing problems for public health and education, warned Save the Children on Tuesday. The international NGO says Israel’s ongoing land, air and sea blockade of Gaza, which has been in place since 2007, is the primary cause of the electricity … Continue reading

Migrant boat collapses near Tunisia, killing 120: survivor

  A migrant vessel destined for Italy collapsed near the Tunisian shore on Thursday, killing dozens of passengers, according to the Tunisian Red Crescent. The organisation, which has conducted many rescue missions, said the boat set sail from the Libyan coastal town of Zuwara. Around 120 passengers were reportedly on board. Shamseddine Marzouq, a Red … Continue reading

‘No childhood anymore’: Raqqa’s kids haunted by IS rule, coalition bombings

As the offensive on Raqqa intensifies, stories of the horrors that civilians, especially children, have endured under Islamic State rule are emerging. The Islamic State group seized Raqqa in January 2014, and the city is now besieged by US and Syrian Democratic Forces coalition troops. Recent air strikes reported to have killed dozens of civilians increases the … Continue reading

Gaza living conditions constitute humanitarian emergency, NGO says

Living conditions in Gaza have declined to their lowest ebb outside of war time, Medical Aid for Palestinians said on Thursday, describing the situation in the coastal strip a “humanitarian emergency.” The Israeli blockade since 2007 has restricted the electricity flow, which damages vital infrastructure, the statement says. Water treatment and desalination plants cannot function … Continue reading

Humanitarian crisis looms in shadow of Tal Afar battle

Iraqi forces have made gains in their efforts to retake Tal Afar, yet civilians within the city are suffering as a humanitarian crisis emerges from the conflict.  The Islamic State group captured Tal Afar in 2014, but the US-supported campaign to rout them has pushed them into the confines of the city centre.  Concerns about endangering … Continue reading

Red Cross slams conditions of displaced Syrians

As the fighting in Raqqa and Deir ez-Zour intensifies, with both the US-backed SDF and the Syrian Army closing in on Islamic State group positions, thousands of Syrians are being displaced. Many are fleeing the conflict zones and forming temporary camps in nearby areas. Yet while attempting to escape danger, these refugees still find themselves … Continue reading

Bahrain state TV accuses Qatar of trying to oust government

Bahrain’s state television on Wednesday accused Qatar of attempting to overthrow the government in Manama, upping the stakes in a diplomatic crisis that has seen Doha isolated in the Gulf. Along with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, Bahrain cut ties with Qatar in June on accusations that the emirate supports Islamist extremism and is too close … Continue reading