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Migrant boat collapses near Tunisia, killing 120: survivor

  A migrant vessel destined for Italy collapsed near the Tunisian shore on Thursday, killing dozens of passengers, according to the Tunisian Red Crescent. The organisation, which has conducted many rescue missions, said the boat set sail from the Libyan coastal town of Zuwara. Around 120 passengers were reportedly on board. Shamseddine Marzouq, a Red … Continue reading

Spain rescues 600 migrants at sea in day as flow from Morocco swells

Spain rescued over 600 migrants in 24 hours on Thursday as they attempted to cross from Morocco to Spain amid a surge in arrivals on what has become the fastest growing sea route to Europe, according to reports. The migrants were found in 15 vessels on Wednesday including a jet ski after sailing across the … Continue reading

Did alternative media really help Trump win?

  The world is still in a state of bewilderment. Trump’s shock victory as President baffled both the people absorbing Mainstream Media polls, and those behind Big Media themselves. Clearly many were oblivious to the subtle influence that alternative media had on individuals across the United States. Of course, much of this exposed the Clinton … Continue reading

A warning to the liberal left

Many are horrified at the support Donald Trump has received. Yet this condescending attitude towards his supporters has only enhanced it, and will continue to do so. With the US Presidential Elections just a matter of days away, people across the world are terrified at the prospect of Donald Trump winning. In the West, the … Continue reading

Trump suspiciously refuses to condemn David Duke

  In a rather strained interview, Donald Trump refused to outright condemn David Duke, despite calls from Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for Trump to publicly condemn the former Grand Wizard of the white-supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan. The interview was CNN Live on Sunday morning (US Time). Drifting away from his usual supremely confident manner when confronted with a tough question, … Continue reading

Why the Republican Party could be “Trumped”

Could Donald Trump really win the Republican presidential nomination? Despite being subject to much controversy, Donald Trump’s campaign is still alive and well. Over the course of the nominee period, Trump has made comments and suggestions that would normally be unthinkable even by the standards of the Republican Party. His audacious remarks have been met with abject criticism … Continue reading

A Victory for Humanity – Kenyan Muslims protect Christians from terror attack

    Often, Christians are the target of much persecution at the hands of radical Islamists. Iraq and Syria are both danger zones, ever since the insurgency of extremist factions vying for power in both countries. Christians in Pakistan are also victims of much hardship – often beaten, tortured, killed or evicted from their homes. Yet in … Continue reading

Why People Shouldn’t Worry about Donald Trump Becoming President

Two words: The Media. It’s nothing new for the media to obsess over a particular story or public figure. They will jump at any given opportunity to form a cash generating scoop, or to simply keep the public distracted with trivial issues. Arguably, this was the case with Jeremy Clarkson’s controversial sacking from Top Gear earlier this … Continue reading

The “War on Terror” is Not Only a Fallacy, it is Potentially Dangerous for the World

  While the United States’ campaigns in the Middle East have done more harm than good – this one in Syria could have much worse implications In a previous article, I covered the costs that could result in France intervening in Syria. Of course, now Britain has opted to join France and the United States in bombing … Continue reading

Turkey shoots down a Russian War Plane – what could this mean?

In a very alarming and provocative move, Turkey has shot down a Russian war plane in Syria, in the north-west region near Latakia.   A Russian SU-24, flying 6000 meters in altitude, was struck down by a Turk F-16. One of the two pilots was announced dead, while the circumstances of the other is yet … Continue reading