About the author:

I am a freelance journalist who actively writes about political and social issues in the West and the Middle East. After having visited the Middle East on numerous occasions, this has inspired me to tackle issues that I’ve become aware of during my travels – as well as seeking to provide detailed analyses on geopolitical issues in the region.

I am also a History & Politics student at the University of Exeter. Much of my study is focused at the IAIS (Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies) at our university.

I teach English too!

I write/have written for The New Arab (Al Araby Al Jadid), CounterPunch, Tribune magazine, Algemeiner, Ceasefire, the Orator, Evolve Politics, and others.

Main influences:

John Pilger, Ron Paul, Tony Benn, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Mark Curtis, Patrick Cockburn, Eva Bartlett, Robert Fisk, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr., Aristotle, Muhammad Ali, John Lennox, C.S. Lewis, Ilan Pappe, Noam Chomsky.

I can be reached at: jf477@exeter.ac.uk



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