About the author:

I am a UK-based freelance journalist who actively writes about political and social issues in the West, the Middle East and North Africa.

I started blogging innocently in early 2015. My work soon spread rapidly, and then I felt inspired to submit my articles to news outlets.

I write for/have written for The New Arab (Al Araby Al Jadeed), Middle East Eye, openDemocracy, Tribune magazine, The Globe Post, Mint Press News, Counterpunch magazine, Morocco World News, Evolve Politics and many others.

After spending much time travelling in the Middle East and North Africa (visited around a dozen countries), I have received a unique insight into societal issues and other problems within the region.

My travels and my connections give me plenty of material to write about. I am in touch with a number of activists and experts on many areas of the region, who I consult for my writing.

Areas of particular interest & expertise: Morocco and Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon & the Kurdish regions.

I study at the University of Exeter. Much of my education is in the University’s Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies (IAIS).


Follow me on twitter: @jfentonharvey

For any queries, or if you need to hire a freelance writer, email me at jf477@exeter.ac.uk




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