Did alternative media really help Trump win?



The world is still in a state of bewilderment. Trump’s shock victory as President baffled both the people absorbing Mainstream Media polls, and those behind Big Media themselves. Clearly many were oblivious to the subtle influence that alternative media had on individuals across the United States. Of course, much of this exposed the Clinton campaign, which increased hatred towards her, and led to proliferation of anti-establishment rhetoric in general.

Yet social media played a huge part in this. Various outlets, especially Facebook, acted as a safe haven for various non-Western MSM outlets to flourish. They have now dethroned the mass media corporations that played a gigantic role in influencing public thought for over a century. But with the political establishment of America and Europe being repeatedly exposed, and the mainstream media being revealed as its mouthpiece, the public are increasingly seeking information elsewhere. Numerous polls in the United States show most Americans as being distrustful of the MSM, with only a tiny fraction taking it seriously.


A disastrously inaccurate prediction by the Huffington Post.  

Taking its place are widely popular internet figures like Milo Yiannopolous, David Rubin and Alex Jones with his InfoWars crew, who propelled Trump as the anti-establishment candidate. Other non-Western outlets, such as RT (Russia Today) News, Sputnik News, and smaller outlets in the Middle East, such as within Syria, which criticize Western involvement in the region, have received greater viewings from Westerners too. Gaining hundreds of thousands, if not millions of ‘likes’ on Facebook, such outlets clearly attract those who oppose the Western establishment, and hate it further.

Yet we cannot forget the role of hackers such as Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, whose work has become widespread, resulting in the death of the Clinton campaign, as we can see in the loss of 10 million Democratic voters from 2008 to 2016. Could this distrust for Clinton have won Trump the election too?

This sentiment echoes across Europe too. Increasing resentment rose towards the European Union and the politicians that represent it – such as David Cameron in Britain, Francois Hollande in France, and Angela Merkel in Germany, who were viewed as out of touch with the public. Coupled with anti-establishment messages from the outlets just mentioned, this resentment from the masses triggered Brexit, and will likely spread across the rest of the continent, in the event of an election.

Of course, this isn’t to say that such views from Western-media outlets are actually fully reliable. As individuals, we must treat every source of information presented to us with equal skepticism. But the issue is that many are waking up to the influence that the mass media has played, and are rejecting it in swathes – all behind the establishment’s back!

Even within the UK Guardian newspaper, which would normally have been flooded with negativity towards both Trump and Brexit, many popular comments from readers are condemning the Guardian’s pro-establishment narrative. Surely this indicates a changing perception of MSM, even towards an outlet like the Guardian, which would have been previously seen as an ‘alternative voice’.

One could call it a conscious awakening, since more and more people have turned against the mainstream media. And as such a trend has grown so rapidly in recent years, one can only imagine how it will increase in the next few years to come, and will change the face of politics forever. With people having access to new forms of information, surely this will be the death of the MSM as we know it.


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