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For peace in Syria, one has to look further than Assad’s future

The world has its eyes firmly set on the Syrian Civil War; a future settlement for the region is far from established. The dispute from world powers over Assad’s future is largely the cause of this indecision; the US and NATO want him gone, while Russia and China want him to stay. The longer it … Continue reading

There is an easier solution for Brexit…

  Since the ‘Leave’ campaign was victorious on June 23, there has been a lack of clarity regarding the solution for Brexit. While different ideas have been thrown about, nothing has been set in stone. Even recently elected Prime Minister Theresa May, who staunchly declared ‘Brexit means Brexit’, has not offered a solid direction for … Continue reading

Andrea Leadsom quits Tory leadership race – the result of a smear campaign

This article was originally published in JMA by myself.   In the run up to the EU referendum, many people had not even heard of Andrea Leadsom. Going from a sideline Member of Parliament, she gained much prominence after appearing in a debate alongside Boris Johnson, Angela Eagle, Nicola Sturgeon and others — as a … Continue reading

Is there a smear campaign against Andrea Leadsom?

  Far from being a mainstream figure, Andrea Leadsom has only soared to prominence in recent weeks. Much of the public would have been unfamiliar with her name until the EU referendum debate on June 9, when she stood as an advocate of Brexit. Since standing for the position of Prime Minister within the Conservative … Continue reading

Has Erdogan reinvented himself?

  Many nations are guilty of aggravating tensions in the Middle East, but of all of them, Turkey has posed a great threat in increasing the chaos. After seizing power in 2003, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan began steering Turkey away from secularism, and in the direction of authoritarian Islamism. Naturally this evolved into a more … Continue reading

Farage resigns as UKIP leader! What next for UKIP and for Britain?

A shocking event occurred this morning, one nor you or I would have expected. A prominent political figure announced their sudden resignation.  A figure who has certainly attracted controversy over the years, while developing a new, unique brand of politics. Nigel Farage has announced his sudden resignation as leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). … Continue reading