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Brexit was caused by the regressive left and the political class

  The political earthquake caused by Brexit has not yet subsided. It has led to much bitterness and soul-searching among those who wanted Britain to remain. Yet for those who advocated brexit, the direction was clear-cut. Across all of Europe, the result has been dubbed as ‘a revolt against the political class’. This sentiment certainly … Continue reading

The European Union does not promote peace and unity, and here’s why.

Many of those lauding the European Union do still manage to find fault with it. This can be from its treatment of Greece, to the crony corporatism that flourishes within its protection. Yet these profoundly detrimental attributes will be ignored by those who want to remain; instead, they will focus on heaping praise onto how … Continue reading

How ‘Brexit’ could collapse the entire European Union

The EU referendum could change more than Britain’s future; it could lead to the dismantling of the entire union.   A historic moment has arrived. Tomorrow, scores of voters across Britain will shuffle down to their nearest polling station to vote on the UK’s future within the European Union. It’s certainly come around quickly. Enmity towards the European project — something … Continue reading

The Genocide of Iraq’s Yazidis, and how it can be solved

“ISIS have subjected every Yazidi Woman, man or child that it has captured to the most horrific atrocities” stated a reporter to the UN, elucidating the genocide that Yazidis face in Iraq. He continued: “ISIS permanently sought to enslave the Yazidis through killing, enslavement, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, and forcible transfer causing serious bodily and mental … Continue reading

Russia and the US must be united over destroying ISIS

ISIS is crumbling in both Iraq and Syria. But now, international unity between intervening powers is more vital than ever. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) grasp on the Middle East is faltering. Bursting onto the scene in 2014, and creating ripples of fear across the world, it seemed invincible. Its power finally … Continue reading

How The European Union Betrays Left-Wing Values

The EU referendum draws tantalizingly closer. Support for both staying and leaving hangs very much in the balance.  One remarkable aspect of the debate is how people are becoming segregated, largely based on their political ideology. A key example is left-wing support for remaining. In fact, the two are disproportionately linked. A left-wing Eurosceptic is now … Continue reading

Is Labour still out of touch with the workers?

  Remember Jeremy Corbyn’s historic victory in the Labour leadership contest? The left – a marginalized unit within the party – were ecstatic. This was their chance to reclaim the party from the clutches of Blairism; and to reconnect with the working class, who had become increasingly alienated from Labour since Blair assumed power. After this … Continue reading

The left and the right in Europe are playing into the hands of Islamists

Perhaps one of the gravest threats to the stability of Europe today is radical Islam. From the terror attacks in London, Paris, Brussels and Madrid; to the Sharia courts established in large Muslim communities; epidemic abuses of young girls by grooming gangs; and radicalization among Muslim youths, the continent is facing a crisis. What makes the … Continue reading

A plague is afflicting Pakistan – its abuses on Women

Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology has sparked an outrage, after permitting husbands to ‘lightly hit’ their wives. This barely scratches the surface of abuses within Pakistan however. The world has seen remarkable transformations to women’s rights in many regions, particularly in the West. In other parts, this is simply not the case. In fact, many … Continue reading