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Iain Duncan Smith Shows a Compassionate Side, Following His Resignation

  Yesterday certainly came as a shock. Iain Duncan Smith resigned from his position of Work & Pensions Secretary, which he had held since 12 May 2010. Since the Conservatives won a full majority on parliament last May, IDS has been the center of further controversy. With the party not being completely watered-down by the Liberal … Continue reading

The Far-Right Phenomenon arrives in Germany

  Many of us predicted that the refugee crisis would lead to unrest. Many of us knew there would be repercussions from it. Especially so in Germany. This is excluding practical considerations such as welfare, healthcare and housing. It ignores the stigma of “rapefugees”, which is largely over-exaggerated incidentally. Rather, it was inevitable that letting … Continue reading

This Week’s PMQs: Cameron avoids questions by attacking Labour’s economic credibility

In this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, there was no shortage of intensity. As usual, vigorous debate dominated the House of Commons, with both sides producing an animated atmosphere as always. Prime Minister David Cameron came under fire, being pressed with tough questions from opposition figures. The debate kicked off with questioning about how more apprenticeships for younger people were … Continue reading

If the Refugee Crisis isn’t managed appropriately, it could be the downfall of the EU

  The European Union ensures political unity across the continent. It enjoins the 28 member states to positively integrate with one another. Generation after generation of turmoil, hitting a climax during the first half of the twentieth century, eventually led the European nations to come together over trade relations and diplomacy, rather than focusing on their own … Continue reading