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Trump suspiciously refuses to condemn David Duke

  In a rather strained interview, Donald Trump refused to outright condemn David Duke, despite calls from Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for Trump to publicly condemn the former Grand Wizard of the white-supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan. The interview was CNN Live on Sunday morning (US Time). Drifting away from his usual supremely confident manner when confronted with a tough question, … Continue reading

How much will Cameron’s EU deal matter?

Faced with considerable doubt over his pledge to achieve to reform in Britain’s membership of the EU, Prime Minister David Cameron managed to secure some concessions, agreed by the other 27 EU heads of state on Friday, to dismantle restrictions placed on Britain. Cameron portrayed it as a victory – which gives Britain “special status” within … Continue reading

Why the Republican Party could be “Trumped”

Could Donald Trump really win the Republican presidential nomination? Despite being subject to much controversy, Donald Trump’s campaign is still alive and well. Over the course of the nominee period, Trump has made comments and suggestions that would normally be unthinkable even by the standards of the Republican Party. His audacious remarks have been met with abject criticism … Continue reading

A message – about anti-Semitism on University Campuses

  Not only is anti-Semitism on the rise yet again in the West, it often goes unchallenged. Leora Eisenberg, from the United States, delivered a heartfelt message about anti-Semitism that plagues many university campuses, and the intolerance and hostility that anti-Israel students present to those who speak out in favour of the Jewish state. Unfortunately, anti-Semitism is often not confronted. Not … Continue reading

Geneva Peace Talks – Over a Highly Complicated Situation

The ongoing peace-talks over the conflict in Syria were already shown to have their limits, as an ISIS-linked attack struck terror into the heart of the city of Damascus on Sunday, targeting a holy shrine for Shiite Muslims. Around 60 civilians were killed; including around 20 Shia militia fighters. Dozens were injured too. The shrine itself remained … Continue reading