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This Week’s PMQs: Cameron Dodges Tough Questions Yet Again

Despite being heralded with jeers from Tory MPs, who resembled a rabble of misbehaving school kids, leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn held his ground, and made an entertaining mockery of David Cameron’s mathematical ability in today’s Prime Minister’s Questions. Corbyn delivered a trademark move of his in the House of Commons, and began putting Cameron under pressure with … Continue reading

ISIS Carry Out Perhaps Their Most Bloody Massacre Yet

    Despite being pushed onto the back-foot in recent campaigns, designed to crackdown on the group, ISIS has struck again. In another of the Islamist faction’s merciless assaults, jihadists stormed the city of Deir Al-Zor over the weekend, carrying out suicide bombings, car bombings, executions, and kidnappings. While different reports indicate varying death tolls, … Continue reading

Istanbul Struck by Explosion, but Who Caused It?

  A devastating explosion struck terror into the heart of Istanbul this morning, in the Sultanahmet district, resulting in the deaths of at least 10 people,  leaving 15 injured. According to Turkish news sources, the victims are mainly tourists, including French and German visitors. Among them are claimed to be one Norwegian and one Peruvian. Full details are … Continue reading

Will the Barbarity of the Saudi Regime Ever Come to an End?

  After causing an outrage in recent weeks, about the decision to go forward with the execution of 19 year old Abdullah Al-Zahar, Saudi Arabia has breached moral boundaries even further today. In just one day , the Wahhabist regime executed 47 prisoners – including anti-government protesters like al-Zahar. The majority of whom were therefore merely political … Continue reading