A Victory for Humanity – Kenyan Muslims protect Christians from terror attack



Often, Christians are the target of much persecution at the hands of radical Islamists. Iraq and Syria are both danger zones, ever since the insurgency of extremist factions vying for power in both countries. Christians in Pakistan are also victims of much hardship – often beaten, tortured, killed or evicted from their homes.

Yet in a reversal of this trend, during an attack on a bus by Al Shabbab militants in Kenya, Muslim passengers provided a shield of protection to Christians on the same bus. Islamic garb and head scarves were given to Christian passengers, to conceal their identity from the extremists.

One witness claimed a man entered the bus and ordered everyone to divide into two groups: Muslims and non-Muslims. Two people were unfortunately killed. Thankfully however, many of those who would have otherwise been at risk managed to survive, owing to this act of solidarity from the Muslim passengers.

Somalian-based Al-Shabbab have carried out many heinous attacks in neighboring Kenya, including an assault on a bus in November last year, where 28 non-Muslims were killed.

Yet this one incident prevented this trend continuing, and epitomizes the existence of fundamental human values, that link one another together, despite differences in beliefs or background.

“These Muslims sent a very important message of the unity of purpose, that we are all Kenyans and that we are not separated by religion,” Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery told local media at a briefing. “Everybody can profess their own religion, but we are still one country and one people.”

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