Saudi Arabia set to Behead Teen for Engaging in Protest – Once Again, the West Remains Silent



In 2012, a 15 year old was arrested for taking part in a protest against the government – a result of the Arab Spring in 2011.

The oppressive Saudi Kingdom has held him captive since, and after much brutal treatment at their hands, he was recently scheduled to be executed.

Allegedly, he was beaten until he agreed to sign a “confession” for his alleged dissent against the totalitarian regime he resides under.

The UK and the US had promised to intervene to defend Abdullah al-Zahar’s (now 19) case, but have no success in swaying their faithful, oil rich ally in the Middle East.

The UK Foreign Office admitted that it had made ‘little progress’ in changing the Saudi’s mind.

Saudi Arabia has enacted many brutal policies to retain its control and extremist ideology over its people, and young Abdullah will be added to over 100 victims of execution committed this year.

Of course, Daesh (aka ISIL) is rightly criticized for its brutal treatment of civilians, and the US and UK will vilify leaders that serve no use to their aims, such as Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad, yet Saudi Arabia remains devoid of criticism.

This again highlights the insidious relationship that exists between the West and Saudi Arabia.

29 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia set to Behead Teen for Engaging in Protest – Once Again, the West Remains Silent

  1. The crucifixion of this young guy is a shameful thing that no God would demand.
    I pray to MY God that the King of Saudi Arabia will think better of his decision and release this prisoner – he is barely an adult and his Mother and Father must be distraught.

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      1. Well you don’t actually know that Neil. Yes, we do need material action. We need to sign petitions we need to lobby our politicians. But don’t dismiss someone just because they have faith in God and you do not. We all want the same.

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      2. Great – I look forward to seeing how many signatures your God gets you on the petition. To be fair though if he’s all powerful, surely he should just smite the evil and save the boy? If it doesn’t take his attention away from systematically murdering African children for too long.

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      3. This shouldn’t have turned into a debate about God’s existence. Neil, if you care that much about this poor teenager, then surely you’d be showing your condolences for him, rather than pompously expressing your views on religion. Get a grip…


      4. Neil – that was a mean remark to make. For your information I have signed every petition on the internet that demanded the release of this young guy and others facing a similarly brutal punishment. The heavily supported Reprieve petition was one of them. Did you sign? What practical action have you been involved in? Just tell what else I can do – I would personally try to talk to the King of Saudi Arabia himself if I could. I would take 50 lashes for him if I could. I don’t know what else to do but pray.


      5. This is exactly the place to begin an argument about God. This is a product of “God”. Until religion is thrown aside as medieval trash, this will continue.


      6. Many non-religious states have carried out brutality against their own civilians. Communist China and the Soviet Union being two examples. What an ill thought-out comment…


    1. Debatable. If you are talking about brutality towards his own people, then Saddam had killed far more under his own rule. However, if you factor into the equation the Saudi Kingdom’s financing of extremism in the Middle East and across the globe, then you could be right.


    1. Oh boy. Repent and be saved. Have you ever pondered for a second that the course of nature cannot be tampered with and that the higher being behind these is the almighty God himself. He is being merciful on you. Don’t take his mercy for granted my brother. Our God is a consuming fire.


  2. 1.2 billion people suffering from Stockholm syndrome. It is my contention that Islam is not a religion, it is a 1,400 year history of terrorizing hostages.


  3. I pity those who don’t believe in the existence of the almighty God. Our God is longsuffering and merciful. That’s why u guys are still alive Don’t take his mercy for granted Our God is a consuming fire Repent and believe in him. The saudi teenager would be set free in Jesus name amen. Our God would do it and put all you doubting thomases wrong.


  4. Plenty of humans have died under cruel torture and meny more will still die. either eny body dies or live it does not Change the existence of God either you believe or not God remain who he is some people are destined for eternal damnation maybe you are one of them but if not so God will open your eyes in Jesus name we pray God will help d young man but if he dies God is still God


  5. It’s seriously pathetic that you all are arguing about religion under the context of this young Man’s misfortune. It doesnt matter what you believe in, shut up and sign the petition.

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