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A Victory for Humanity – Kenyan Muslims protect Christians from terror attack

    Often, Christians are the target of much persecution at the hands of radical Islamists. Iraq and Syria are both danger zones, ever since the insurgency of extremist factions vying for power in both countries. Christians in Pakistan are also victims of much hardship – often beaten, tortured, killed or evicted from their homes. Yet in … Continue reading

Afghan Forces are Besieged in Sangin – Indicating the Failures of the “War on Terror”

  Families of those who fought and died in Afghanistan to subdue the Taliban will likely feel their sons have perished for nothing. For the Islamist fundamentalist group has besieged the town of Sangin, in the Helmand province; a battleground fiercely contested between NATO and the Taliban for years, until Britain handed the town to US forces in … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia set to Behead Teen for Engaging in Protest – Once Again, the West Remains Silent

    In 2012, a 15 year old was arrested for taking part in a protest against the government – a result of the Arab Spring in 2011. The oppressive Saudi Kingdom has held him captive since, and after much brutal treatment at their hands, he was recently scheduled to be executed. Allegedly, he was beaten until … Continue reading

Why the West won’t eliminate Islamic Extremism

  This week, UK Prime Minister David Cameron had refused to label the Muslim Brotherhood as an extremist threat. A review on the activities of the multi-national group, notorious for sponsoring extremism in many parts of the world, was instigated in April of 2014. While a few individual details have been released from it, Downing Street … Continue reading

Is Marine Le Pen Finished? Has the Front National’s Momentum Sunk?

  The Front National started off tremendously. In the first round of the French local elections held over a week ago, the anti-EU Nationalist party bagged a historic victory, securing 28% of the vote and leading 6 out of the 13 contested regions. Leader Marine Le Pen took the party from the gutter of the political … Continue reading

Why People Shouldn’t Worry about Donald Trump Becoming President

Two words: The Media. It’s nothing new for the media to obsess over a particular story or public figure. They will jump at any given opportunity to form a cash generating scoop, or to simply keep the public distracted with trivial issues. Arguably, this was the case with Jeremy Clarkson’s controversial sacking from Top Gear earlier this … Continue reading

The “War on Terror” is Not Only a Fallacy, it is Potentially Dangerous for the World

  While the United States’ campaigns in the Middle East have done more harm than good – this one in Syria could have much worse implications In a previous article, I covered the costs that could result in France intervening in Syria. Of course, now Britain has opted to join France and the United States in bombing … Continue reading