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The Shadow Chancellor’s Maoist Gag – could it be the final nail in the coffin for the Labour Party?

In last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions – John McDonnell audaciously brandished a copy of Mao Zedong’s Little Red Book Shadow chancellor John McDonnell dropped a political bombshell in the House of Commons What was it over? A book. Not just any book, mind. A book conveying a philosophy that is most certainly taboo in British politics. A … Continue reading

Turkey shoots down a Russian War Plane – what could this mean?

In a very alarming and provocative move, Turkey has shot down a Russian war plane in Syria, in the north-west region near Latakia.   A Russian SU-24, flying 6000 meters in altitude, was struck down by a Turk F-16. One of the two pilots was announced dead, while the circumstances of the other is yet … Continue reading

The dissent in the Labour Party, as shown by the split over Syria, could dismantle Corbyn’s leadership

How Corbyn’s rule over Labour could potentially come crashing down.   “Corbynmania” is under threat. While Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn defied the odds in September to take charge of the party, and attracted over 60,000 new members to his cause in the process, his initial wave of success might come tumbling down after all. Since the … Continue reading

France bombing Syria: It is the wrong thing to do

    Here we go again. Syria is being bombarded already. After the tragic events which occurred in Paris on Friday, where over 100 civilians were killed in cold blood by extremists, who are claimed to be linked to the Islamic State, France has instantaneously mobilized its air forces in retaliation. Being dubbed ‘France’s 9/11’, … Continue reading

The aftermath of the Paris massacre – 6 possibilities which could occur as a result

Last night’s tragic ordeal in Paris echoed not only throughout France, but throughout the entire world. Shootings occurred in multiple locations in the city, materializing a widespread panic. Estimates of deaths vary, although President Francis Hollande has declared 127 dead, with possibly 200 injured; 99 in a critical condition. My thoughts are with those who … Continue reading

How Britain’s National Health Service will be privatized – and how they will get away with it

    Recently, there has been an outburst of junior doctors in the NHS threatening to strike. This is rather telling. Whether or not you agree that the strikes are justified, it indicates that dark circumstances are perhaps befalling Britain’s National Health Service; a true national treasure since its foundation in 1945. There is never … Continue reading

Why immigration isn’t the source of Britain’s problems

  According to a study by Oxford University’s Migration Observatory, around 75% of Britain believes that immigration is becoming out of control, with 56% wanting large changes to migration. Not only that, various polls show that immigration is the number one concern for British people, preceding over issues like the economy, austerity, education and housing. Immigration is … Continue reading

Economic progress over justice – How Britain remains silent and submits to human rights abusers

Britain has recently done a deal with the devil, as far as some are concerned. They have struck a notable deal with China,; allowing them to build a nuclear plant in the South West of England, in partnership with France’s EDF Energy. A nightmare for environmentalists, but a blessing to both the British and Chinese establishments. … Continue reading