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Corbynmania – could it change the face of British politics?

Look at any period of civil unhappiness, and you’ll see the masses tend to flock to those who offer pragmatic solutions. Germany in the 1920s and 30s is a prime example of this. The country was in economic ruin during this period, and the leaders of the Weimar Republic had “given in” to its rivals … Continue reading

The hypocrisy of some on the left

Last week’s episode of Question Time resulted in much¬†controversy. Social media was littered with conflicting¬†opinions on the cries of a self-employed mother in the audience, who claimed she was being affected by cuts on tax credits, instigated by the incumbent Conservative government. In case anyone is unfamiliar with the event; the lady actually voted for … Continue reading

Corbyn’s secret to popularity? He can connect with people, unlike the mainstream political elite

“Corbynmania” is surging in Britain. It appears that, despite the exhortation of the more moderate wing of the Labour party, who urged members that the party only has a chance of succeeding when in the centre of the political spectrum, Jeremy Corbyn has defied the odds. His presence has precipitated the rise in support for … Continue reading