Why the Calais migrant “crisis” is not even that much of a crisis

A migrant camp in Calais
A migrant camp in Calais

Anyone remotely informed on current events is most likely aware, or would have at least even briefly heard about the recent outbreak of refugees attempting to gain entry in Britain from Calais – even those who are not politically engaged to a great extent.

As with most incidents involving immigration, many particular scaremongering outlets of the mass media have dug their claws into this one, and twisted it for their own agenda. If the readers of these papers took every word printed to be factual and true, they would undoubtedly view the people trying to gain access to Britain as unscrupulous parasites who will do nothing but burden this small, helpless island which is already full to the brim, bursting and ready to explode at any minute due to an excessive amount of people “invading” the country.

And conceivably, Britain is presented as the victim in this.

Is Britain overflowing? Will the presence of these migrants of these migrants cause this country to sink? These questions are no doubt hot topics at the moment. Lets address them, to shed some light on the issue.

The so-called army of migrants may seem frightening and out-of-proportionately vast if you listen to the right-wing press, or to people who talk cynically on the issue – yet the amount estimated to be gathered at Calais at this present moment is around 3,000. Assuming all of these manage to gain entrance to Britain, which is unlikely, this will result in a population increase of 0.0000468%. Put into perspective, it is hard to see how this would really result in an unsustainable population.

Many assume Britain is a haven and paradise for scroungers who come here simply to exploit our apparently generous benefits system – yet Britain as a nation actually has one of the lowest asylum applicants in the EU overall. Early this year, Britain had 7,335 applications, compared to Germany’s 73,120 and Hungary’s 32,810 (ours is comparatively small!). There is very little evidence to suggest that Britain’s benefit system does lavishly provide for immigrants – despite rhetoric which is often force-fed to society by the Daily Express and co.

There is also no evidence to suggest that refugees are scroungers – again this is simply mere propaganda, with the goal of public division. As a condition of being granted asylum status – many of the refugees could be helped back onto their feet, integrated into society and guided into employment, just like the vast majority of migrants, who generally contribute to society in terms of tax – the average is 24% more paid in than taken out for each immigrant, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The issue of migration is one that is utilized as a weapon to divide and distract the public, and therefore often blown out of proportion. While many believe Britain is being swamped by immigrants coming in, hundreds of thousands also leave the country. Of course, it’s perfectly reasonable to argue for having a more controlled immigration system (I personally believe we could consider this) – but it’s important to look at the whole issue more objectively too, rather than cry “shut the borders” and so on because a few bad eggs enter the country.

Many of the asylum seekers entering this country who are interviewed are often not expecting to be given any kind of support or handouts by the state, and have little knowledge of the exact nature of each European country’s benefit system – I mean think about it logically, how would they? In fact, many of them are simply desperate – seeking to gain a better life, from the war-torn lands which they have fled from. Anyone else in their situation would naturally do the same – no matter who they were, and would want to be treated with compassion.

As we’ve established, the numbers themselves aren’t in fact overwhelmingly high. Obviously there is more to it than the numbers and the prospect of Britain overflowing; if the amount of British births increased by say 30,000 one year, many of those who are opposed to the 3,000 refugees would most likely not even bat an eyelid. It is not inherently racism that causes people to think like this, as many on the left would brandish it being so, but most likely fear of the outsider – fear that these migrants will come for us, our jobs, our welfare, and impair society. The politics of fear is a clever diversion, to scapegoat a particular issue or group. Yet if looked at more objectively, a situation like this one is often not as fatal as portrayed.

6 thoughts on “Why the Calais migrant “crisis” is not even that much of a crisis

  1. Nice article. But i expected the writer to speak on the root cause of these “migration crisis” which has been the result of EU and US meddling in their countries of origin


    1. Thanks, but I thought I’d simply address the surface issue and whether or not the refugees in Calais are a threat to Britain. You have made a valid point though.


  2. ‘So called army of migrants’??? Really? Yes, maybe in Calais the number is comparatively small, and would represent a tiny percentage to absorb, but please look at the bigger picture. For the first time in history the british born white population became a MINORITY in London (44.9 %) !!! I would call that not only an army of migrants but also an invasion.


    1. As it’s been happening gradually over time it wouldn’t be an invasion, as you put it. Plus, you wouldn’t be here if your ancestors hadn’t invaded Britain at some point – so it is just a fact of life.


      1. It is not ‘fact of life’. It is a result of British generous approach to immigration since 1980s. The numbers and speed are historically unheard of, and the way Britain has changed just within one generation is horrifying for their cultural identity.


      2. Well you described it as an “invasion”, and I was saying that Britain has been subject to many invasions and new cultures coming in over the last few millennia – such as Romans, Celts, Saxons etc.

        Honestly, you could make a reasonable case to base an anti-immigration viewpoint on issues like overcrowding/space etc. – I still don’t think this is a massive problem myself, but it is still better than basing it on ethnic background etc when we are already a diverse mix anyway.


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