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The Basic Universal Income – would it ever be achieved, or is it simply a pipe dream?

In recent years, there has been a level of spirited debate on the issue of a Basic Universal Income. I myself in fact wrote an article on the subject last week, explaining how it would be feasible and how it could be a benefit to society – click here to view it. Many supporters of the … Continue reading

Why a Basic Universal Income would be a huge step forward for society

A few months ago now, I read up on a revolutionary proposal, and have spend some time pondering over it since then. It was initially proposed in September 2013 in Switzerland, and  a referendum was actually triggered over it. The vision was to deliver a Basic Universal Income to all members of the public living in … Continue reading

A response to the phrase – “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim”

The phrase “not all Muslims are terrorists” seems to get thrown about a lot. More often than not it is used to defend Muslims against prejudice attacks from those accused of “Islamophobia”. However, some of those who are slightly more apologetic for Muslims, but critical of Islamic influence in terror attacks, will resort to a … Continue reading